Annotator Community Call - 9/27/13, 11:57 AM

0. Attendees

Nick Stenning, Dan Whaley, Randall Leeds, Kristof Csillag, Jamie Folsom, Andrew Magliozzi, Robert Casties, Phil Dessene, Daniel Robles, Christian Kleinferchner, & Michael Scharf

Notes from last time:

+++ Annotator 2.0 Milestone:

I. Action Items from Previous Call


  • @Nick to merge WIP branch (status = TBD )
  • Andrew & Nick working on fixing tests on WIP branch
  • TODO: Next release of Annotator 1.2.8
  • @Anna to test LoreStore with WIP branch (status = _____unknown_____ )
  • TODO: Andrew to follow up with Anna off list
  • @Nick to merge Auth Plugin with new Store plugin (status = TBD )
  • Depends on rest of WIP branch

        User Interface

  • @Randall to dig out highlighter extraction branch (status = not done)

        Flexible Matching

  • @csillag to extract flexible matching and submit a pull request
  • strive to remain backward compatible with the existing reference store by utilizing the new the _local object so UI can rely on the anchored range regardless of the serialization (status = TBD )

        Multimedia Annotation

  • @Anna to write up this discussion and send a summary to the mailing list for further discussion (status = TBD )
  • TODO: Andrew to follow up with Anna off list

        InterPlugin Communication

  • @Randall to remove all use of reference by class (use string names instead) in plugin instantiation/config. (status = not done)

        Other Issues

  • @Jamie to pull master (1.2.7) and build, integrate into a branch of Annotation Studio to test `Annotator#destroy()` (status = done )
  • Data store wasn’t returning a ‘204’ but is now fixed and this unblocks 1.2.8 release!
  • @Andrew Schedule another community call (status = done!! )
  • @Everyone Stay tuned for build 1.2.8 release of Annotator in the near future (status = Nick is all over this ASAP )
  • Everyone hang out in #annotator on IRC (and if you don’t know how -- send an email to the mailing list).

II. Discussion Items

        A. Annotator 2 as a Framework (continued from Dev List and GitHub Issues)

        B. New Plugins

  • Video.js
  • Share without saving
  • Rich Text Editing (w/ TinyMC Editor)
  • Location via user IP address tracking
  • Replies / Comments ( does this.  Is there a plugin already?)
  • Rubrics / Multiple-choice quizzes

C. Groups as core or plugin?

        Some stuff from MPIWG

                Annotation server based on Neo4J, digilib plugin etc:

                example text annotation:

                example image annotation:

III. Next Steps and Other Action Items

        @Andrew, @Jamie, & @Dan TODO: assemble/update master list of Annotator plugins, integrations and projects -- on the annotator website (

                Blocker: @Nick to get github page ready for us to edit

        @Randall: heatmap demo / contribution with vanilla annotator

        @Andrew: Follow up with Anna off list

        Everybody: Annotator 2.0 Milestone:

@Nick: people were at OKcon who were interested in annotation.

@Nick: Adam Green: offered a pro-bono facilitation of documentation for annotator.