Annotator Community Call - Dec. 18th, 2013

Attendees: Andrew Magliozzi, Nick Stenning, Kristof Csillag, Randall Leeds, Dan Whaley, Elyse Graham, Jamie Folsom, Michael Scharf, & Andrew Brookins


  • Randall’s status of Master
  • My main goal in Annotator 2.0 is to increase code sharing between projects using Annotator by making the core into a framework that can be more readily adapted to different use cases and encouraging the community to freely publish their own modules.
  • Registry, Store, Services, Events & Plugins… oh my!
  • Welcome to new folks!
  • Andrew Brookins - using annotator to markup epubs in the browser
  • Elyse Graham - from Yale and using Annotation-Studio
  • #Sustainathon
  • Making browser plugins for Annotator and other open source projects
  • Kristof’s overview of Anchoring work
  • Anchors are the things we are annotating, but how can we be sure we can find the right ‘anchors’ every time we load annotations on a web page? identifies ‘anchors’ through ‘targets’ having ‘selectors’, including the text before and after a given anchor.
  • This is vital for getting Annotator to work with changing content
  • Annotation-Studio
  • Michael Scharf
  • Pain caused by merge hell -- bring on 2.0
  • Open Annotation -- Rob S
  • OA spec remains unchanged.
  • Working with IETF to get open annotation for all epubs as standard
  • W3C Interest Group on Annotation
  • Looking to form a W3 Working Group next year -- would result in a full TR, being “The Way to do annotation on the web”
  • Looking for sponsoring companies
  • Harvard & EdX
  • Integrating Annotator into EdX (talk to Phil Dessene <> & Daniel Robles <> if you want more information on this)
  • Preparing a bunch of changes to go into EdX -- video annotation, etc, based off Annotator v1.2.x
  • Another plugin -- colored tags? [Ed: could you provide a link, possibly?]
  • Question: how to integrate/update to Annotator 2.0?
  • Interest in semantic tagging of annotations -- associating annotations to geolocations, events, etc. Rob sez: no problem in OA.

Old Action Items

@Andrew, @Jamie, & @Dan TODO: assemble/update master list of Annotator plugins, integrations and projects -- on the annotator website (

- Blocker: @Nick to get github page ready for us to edit

- Result: postponed to documentation task (@Nick will follow-up ; @Andrew will remind him)

@Randall: heatmap demo / contribution with vanilla annotator

- Result: whatever this was, it probably depended on the Annotator 2.0 work Randall has committed, so that’s sort of a thing that was worked on. @Randall to do more of this.

Everybody: Annotator 2.0 Milestone:

@Nick: people were at OKcon who were interested in annotation.  [DONE]

@Nick: Adam Green: offered a pro-bono facilitation of documentation for annotator.

New Action Items

        @AndrewM - Organize a call in one month

        @AndrewM - Remind @Nick to assign people documentation tasks

        @Nick - Start a Sphinx project for Annotator

  • Next: start accepting documentation-related pull requests
  • Volunteers? - @[Your-Name-Here]
  • Types of documentation needed
  • API documentation
  • What is this project about?
  • Plugins & Demo pages
  • Projects using Annotator

@Nick - Send an email to annotator-dev asking for documentation volunteers (once scaffolding is in place)

@Randall - Example NPM package requiring annotator with a simple plugin

@AndrewB, @jamie, @phil - Tell Randall about pain points in using/integrating Annotator 

@Andrew Brookins - Email annotator-dev with questions and suggestions about error handling